I am Reverend Micheal Shaver, pastor of Servant's Heart Fellowship. I have been Pastoring for a little over 20 years and started Servant's Heart Fellowship, with my wife, just over 10 years ago. We are a non-denominational church and have a heart to help those in need. We currently do a food pantry, out of the church building, that we are currently renting. We are serving 427 families and about 2731 individuals a month. We also do a Back To School Block Party where we give out back packs with school supplies, free lunches, games with prizes, pony rides and petting zoo. All these things are provided for the community for free. We have served meals and helped individuals with bills as we have the ability to meet their needs. We have given away winter coats,cloths and have provided hotel rooms for those underprivileged. 


We have done and continue to do a lot of great things, but our vision is much bigger! There are many more in need in our area. Our vision is to buy land and build a new food pantry building, a new church, outreach center, youth center, counseling center and homeless shelters. With the homeless shelters we will educate individuals and help them get back in the work force. We have no intention of becoming a hand out center but a hand up facility to help others better themselves. People will be able to live in the shelters for at least a year while serving in different areas of the outreach as we help educate to get back in the workforce. Some of the above will be done in the future while others we are panning on doing immediately.


We are currently on a mission to raise 1.6 million dollars to purchase 21.4 acres of land, remodel a building on the land for the church with a soup kitchen. Build a 4,200 square foot building for the food pantry. Build a garage for housing of a truck with a trailer for the food pantry and bus for transporting those in need to food pantry and soup kitchen. We will also purchase bus,truck and trailer with the funds. All equipment will be purchased to operate these ministries. 


Thank You for taking the time to consider helping us in our mission to help those in need. If you have any questions, you can contact me on my cell phone #815 - 664 - 8985. God bless you!


                                                                                                       Sincerely, Reverend Micheal Shaver